Reflection on Judges 4:1-24


On that day, God subdued Jabin, the Canaanite king, before the Israelites.

The Israelites sin against the Lord who sends another foreign king to oppress them. The prophetess Deborah is leading the nation at the time, and she sends for Barak to tell him it is time for Israel to be free.

But Barak is afraid and says he will only go if Deborah goes with him. She agrees, and they go to Kedesh where Barak raises an army. The Lord defeats Sisera the Canaanite general, and all the troops are killed. Sisera abandons his chariot and flees on foot.

Along the way, Sisera seeks refuge in the tent of Jael. She invites him in, and while he is sleeping she drives a tent peg through his head.

Barak’s words are very similar to those of Moses: “If you go with me I will go, but if you don’t go with me I won’t go.”

While Moses said these words to the Lord, Barak addressed them to Deborah.

God places leaders, prophets, pastors and teachers in the church, but when we are more dependent on them than on the Lord that is idolatry.

We need to honour those over us in the Lord, but we also need to make sure that we are listening to the Lord on our own behalf, pursuing Him and not just relying on another person’s relationship with Him.

Lord it is awesome to know that you desire friendship directly with me. May I always put my primary trust in you rather than in other people. Amen.


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