Reflection on Matthew 25:1-13



At midnight the cry rang out: “Here is the bridegroom. Come out to meet him.”

Jesus tells a parable about being ready to meet Him.

Ten young women are waiting for a bridegroom. Five have brought spare oil for their lamps, but five have no oil. The bridegroom is late arriving and when he finally does arrive, the five foolish girls have to go and obtain oil for their lamps.

The bridegroom comes while the unprepared girls are absent. The wise girls accompany the bridegroom into the banquet but the others are locked out.

The foolish girls in this story failed to provide for themselves what was needed in order to serve the bridegroom.

We must all make sure that our own relationship with God is right. Oil speaks of the Holy Spirit, light of the revelation of the gospel.

Nobody can rely on the faith of another person whether it be a parent, a spouse, a pastor or some other person. We all need our own relationship with the Lord, now before He comes.

Father I pray for those who do not know you. May they have a revelation of your love and come into their own relationship with you. Amen.


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