Prayer and Money

One of the things that the Lord has been teaching me over a long period of time- like two decades- is that we can totally trust Him for the things that we need. For many years we were not able to draw any salary from the church, but God provided in different ways and we lacked nothing.

Since the church has grown over the last few years, there has been more money available but there are still times when things seem to close in. It’s good at those times to really seek the Lord for that need.

Last week was one of those times. I could see bills piling up, commitments that needed to be met and a seemingly small income. So I did what I do in these places- I prayed. It seemed that I should pray for an offering of $2500, and I did this at least fourĀ mornings. I felt good about it, peaceful that God had answered my prayer.

Sunday morning’s offering was $1800 which was good- at the top of what we expect to get. Another $200 from night church and a little from the bookshop took us to $2077 which I banked on Monday. A good result, but $500 short of what I was expecting.

This morning as I started to pay the bills I noticed something odd. The balance that I had on my computer was significantly different to the online balance from the credit union. I did a reconciliation and discovered that I had recorded one payment of $500 twice. That was the $500 we were seemingly short.

God is so good!

I wonder what I should be praying for this week.


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