Book Review- “Birthing the Miraculous” by Heidi Baker

In this book Heidi Baker shares some of her experiences in sharing the gospel and caring for children in Mozambique.

In describing the power of the Holy Spirit to work miracles and bring healing to people, she constantly comes back to the importance of the Secret Place- time spent alone in the presence of the Father. It is intimacy with God that gives us the love for people that motivates us to share Jesus with them and then connects us with God’s power to release the miracles.

At times there have been battles. She recounts how she prayed for every blind person she met. For one year not one of them was healed but every one of them received Jesus. Then there was a blind woman named Aida (the equivalent of Heidi) who had no pupils or no iris but God restored her sight, The next blind person she met was also a woman and she was healed. In fact there were three women in a row that she met who were blind and who were healed- all three named Aida. This started a remarkable outpouring of miracles.

This is a breakthrough book for me. It ministers not just to the head but the heart. It reminds us again that we can do nothing apart from God, but with Him nothing is impossible.

Head knowledge of the Scriptures will not draw us closer to God. All the programmes and preaching brilliance that the church relies on will not bring revival to our land. We need to learn to depend on God and God alone.


5 thoughts on “Book Review- “Birthing the Miraculous” by Heidi Baker

  1. Yay!! So glad you read and liked this book. This is the one I read straight thru twice, then read out to Greg as he drove us around Europe 🙂

    Two things have stuck with me from this book. Firstly, yes the importance of the secret place and how all ministry, all everything comes from this place of intimacy with God. Secondly, the idea of how water always flows to the lowest places ie. surrender, how low can we go before the Lord…attracts the Holy Spirit.

    Now I may just need to start reading it again!

    • This is what I have been trying to do! The continual fight within is whether being in the secret place is a productive use of time. Of course it is, but so not of the world, nor our performance based Christian mentality.

  2. The performance part comes from two sources, neither is from Jesus.

    Our culture is very results driven and that has infected church culture so that we judge churches by whether they are growing and we judge others by what they contribute to running the programmes etc. There is some merit in looking at “fruitfulness” but not in judging performance.

    The second source is from our personal sense of unworthiness. If only I do this thing well, then God, my father and my friends will think I’m worthwhile. The thing is that nobody is worthy without Jesus, but everyone with Jesus is worthy.

    If only we learn to rest in His love, doing the things He tells us to do!

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