Surrogacy or Trafficking


There have been several very concerning news reports coming out lately about babies being ordered, gestated and born in Asia to parents from wealthy countries.

A few months ago, an Australian couple took home a baby girl but rejected her twin, a boy with Down’s Syndrome. The boy was left for the Thai mother to care for. Clearly the intent was that they didn’t want the inconvenience of a baby with obvious imperfections. It turned out that the adoptive father had previous convictions for abusing little girls.

About the same time there was the report of a wealthy Japanese business man who had fathered literally dozens of babies through a surrogacy agency, again in Thailand. It was never explained why he needed to have so many children.

Last night there was a report of an episode from 2012 where Australian parents took home one twin and left the other in India because the baby was the wrong gender.

So babies are now just another consumer item which you can buy.

Many Western countries have outlawed what is called commercial surrogacy which is an agreement for a woman to be paid to bear a child on behalf of someone who is unable to have children themselves. So infertile couples are turning to developing countries and, often through commercial agencies, paying healthy but poor mothers to have babies for them.

This is just repugnant on so many levels. It treats human beings- both the mother and the baby- as no more than economic units, a factory and a product. You pay a price and effectively buy yourself a baby.

When human beings are bought and sold like this it devalues all humanity.

When babies become commodities the potential for abuse is infinite. Even when regulations are in place, in many countries they are not enforced or will be ignored by bribing officials.

It’s not hard to imagine babies being mass produced for paedophiles to abuse and for pornography.

We kill babies who are inconvenient in the name of choice. We procure babies on the open market in the name of choice.

If this isn’t human trafficking, slavery by another name, I don’t know what else it is.


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