Book Review: “Slow Church”

We live in a society that values efficiency in everything. Speed, dehumanising efficiency and predictable results are the values of McDonalds and other fast food franchises They are not the values of God, but often become the values of the church as it seeks success.

Authors Chris Smith and John Pattison invite us to try a more godly way of doing church together and building community. They advocate that we slow down and take time to value one another and to love our communities.

Hospitality leads us to welcome strangers, sabbath reminds us that we were not created for endless activity and faith leads us to trust in God for enough to share.

This book is an eminently readable call to abandon the ways of the world and to embrace the way of Jesus- walking the dusty path (not speeding in air conditioned comfort along a freeway) carrying His cross joyfully.

I think that over the years our church has established good ways of sharing together and caring for one another. It is good to be reminded of simple practices that can help this.


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