Reflection on Matthew 21:33-46


“The stone that the builders rejected
has now become the cornerstone.
This is the Lord’s doing
and is wonderful to see.”

Jesus tells a parable about a man who develops a vineyard with every conceivable facility and then leases it. When harvest time comes he sends some servants to collect his share of the harvest. The tenants beat up the servants and send them away, so the owner sends a bigger group of servants with the same result.

Finally he sends his son. The tenants think that by killing the son they will gain ownership of the vineyard.

Jesus asks his listeners what they think will happen next. They reply that he will kill the tenants and lease the vineyard to someone who will give him his share of the harvest.

The leaders realise that the parable is a word against them. Ironically they respond by wanting to kill Jesus, but they are afraid of the people.

The Jewish leaders had been entrusted with leading God’s people. But they had broken this trust by using their position for their own gain. Jesus says they will be dealt with by God.

Christians can feel entitled in the same way that these leaders did. We can be tempted to feel that God is blessed to have such good people as us in His kingdom. We might feel that following Jesus makes us better than non-christians.

God will surely judge all forms of pride and self-righteousness.

Father, show me if there is any attitude in me that is based in false pride. I repent of these things and ask for your forgiveness. Amen.


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