Newcastle Can Keep This One!

Massive red-bellied black snake surprises Newcastle wrangler called in to remove it

Updated 2 minutes agoThu 2 Oct 2014, 8:07pm

Wildlife wrangler Geoff de Looze is well accustomed to catching snakes and bagging them, but even he got the shock of his life when he found a massive red-bellied black snake at a job in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

“Mate, this thing was huge. I don’t even think I’ve seen one [a red-bellied black snake] half its size,” Mr de Looze said of the massive reptile.

The snake had taken up residence at a Newcastle air conditioning firm in the suburb of Cameron Park.

“He wasn’t coming out, but I could tell straight away that this snake was something else,” Mr de Looze said.

“There were people all around me at the time, and luckily this one didn’t have a go at me. These snakes will eat brown snakes and can get pretty nasty.

“These are the jobs you think: ‘I should have brought an extra pair of undies today’.”

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