Reflection on Exodus 20:1-21


Then the people stood at a distance, while Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was.


From the holy mountain, the Lord gives Moses the ten commandments. These commandments are to be the foundation of all relationships in the land.

The laws were not given capriciously. Some come with blessings for obedience or curses for disobedience. There are consequences that flow from living in covenant with the Lord.

The people see the smoke and lightning and hear the powerful sounds of God’s presence and they are afraid. They ask Moses to speak to them on God’s behalf. Moses exhorts them to seek God’s presence for themselves but they refuse.


It is right to be afraid of God. He is the one who can destroy not just the body but the spirit also. We must always remember that God is holy- very different to us.

It is important also to recognise God’s immeasurable love for us. The people saw the manifestations of God’s holiness and they were afraid to draw close to Him lest He kill them. But Moses pressed in, attracted to God’s holiness and love.

Holding back from God out of fear holds no blessing. Pressing in, regardless of the cost brings awesome relationship with our Lord.


Today Lord I choose to press in, to draw closer to you. I bring my worship, but also my body and spirit, laying myself before you as a living sacrifice. Amen.


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