Two Men Marry- and the Gay Activists are Fuming

So two blokes get married in New Zealand and the gay activists don’t like it because it undermines– wait for it– marriage. You see these guys are heterosexual. So, ummm, if marriage is supposed to be available to everyone regardless of their sexual preferences, what is their problem?

Bill Muhlenberg writes:

Heteros Biting Back

This is an absolute classic! I love it! It just makes my day. I could not have made any of this stuff up. Sweeeeet. So what’s it all about? Well, let me tell you: homosexual activists are fuming in New Zealand, because two males are about to get married.

So?? Well, the happy couple happen to be heterosexual. And for that, the homosexual brigade is spitting chips and going absolutely nutzo. Yes you heard me right. Just when you thought all this madness could not get any worse, now we have homosexualists upset about, and discriminating against, those with other lifestyle choices.

Bizarre as. My mind is still reeling! But hey, I am not making this up. Here is how the story goes:

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