Reflection on Matthew 16:21-28


“What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?”

Jesus begins to tell His disciples that He must suffer and be crucified, but on the third day He will rise from the dead.
Peter reprimands the Lord for this negative confession, but Jesus says, “Get away from me, Satan!”
Anyone who wants to follow Jesus must die to their old selves. To give up our life for Him is to save it, but to hold onto our life is to lose it.

Everything about following Jesus us counter-intuitive. This is not because God’s ways are crazy, but because sin has so overturned our values that what seems right and natural is often wrong and sinful.
This is why Jesus was so strong in His rebuke of Peter. Peter was looking at things from a human point of view when a different (God) perspective was needed.
To follow Jesus means that God always comes first. We lay our lives at His feet and allow Him to determine the course of our lives.
In human terms this seems really stupid, but in God’s eyes there really is no other way.

Show me your ways, Lord. Help me to live in that constant sense of being dead to my own ambitions and alive to your plans for me. Amen


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