Reflection on Matthew 15:10-28


“Dear woman,” Jesus said to her, “your faith is great. Your request is granted.” And her daughter was instantly healed.

Jesus tells the crowd that holiness is not about what we eat but more about the words we speak. The disciples don’t understand him so he explains further. The food we eat passes through the body and doesn’t stay in us so it cannot defile us. The words we speak show the sin in our heart and that is what makes us unclean.
A Gentile woman comes to Jesus pleading for deliverance for her daughter. Jesus first ignores her then fobs her off. She persists and Jesus tells her that her great faith has healed her daughter.

What is more important- acting in certain ways to seem good or having our heart transformed by God’s goodness?
Most religious behaviour aims to win God’s approval through doing something good. God doesn’t judge by visible actions but the motives that drive us.
It is faith that connects us to God- the desperate, unshakable faith that holds on to God even when He seems to not care. Persistence is the key to breakthrough.

I am desperate for you Lord- desperate enough to know that faking goodness won’t impress you. Help me to hang on to you. Amen.


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