Reflection on Genesis 29:15-28



So Jacob worked for seven years to pay for Rachel. But his love for her was so strong it seemed to him but a few days.



Jacob is staying with Laban his uncle. Here he meets Rachel and falls In love with her.

When Laban offers to pay Jacob for working on his farm, Jacob asks for Rachel in return for working for seven years. The time goes very quickly because of his love for her.

Finally the date of the marriage arrives. Laban pulls a trick on Jacob and sends Leah to his bed instead of Rachel. The next morning Jacob is horrified. A week later, he marries Rachel in exchange for the promise of another seven years of work.



Jacob the ticker is himself tricked by his uncle Laban. In order to get to the place where he could become the father of God’s people, Jacob needed to have his character re-shaped. What better way for this deceiver than to be on the receiving end of another man’s deception?

The Lord is wanting to strip away our bad attitudes and persistent sin. He will use whatever method is necessary to make us like Christ.

In my experience it can be painful to undergo this retraining process, but it is so beneficial to us.



Father, I see that you are equipping me for heaven. Help me to see when you are moulding me and to co-operate with you. Amen.


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