Reflection on Romans 7:15-25


I have discovered this principle of life- that when I want to do what is right, I inevitably do what is wrong.

Paul here is describing the struggle of a life without Christ. We know that God’s Law is right and we want to obey it, but even when we want to do what is good, we end up doing what is wrong.
It is as if sin is an independent force in our lives that fights against our minds, making us a slave to sin.
Is there an answer to this? Yes! Jesus Christ sets us free from a life dominated by sin and death.

Although Paul is describing the dilemma of non-christians trying to live good lives, it also applies to christians. To the extent that I try to live the christian life on my own strength, I allow sin to continue to have its reign over me. There is no goodness in me that will defeat sin.
The answer is to give up the battle. Stop fighting sin- you will never win. Instead surrender entirely to Christ. Let Him kill you before sin does.
When christians continue to battle sin in one area, it’s a sign that they have not yielded that area to Christ. The answer is to let Christ have control of every part of my life.

Thank you Jesus that you have the victory over every sin. You alone can set me free from slavery to sin. Show me how to surrender entirely to you. Amen.

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