The Cost of Faith

P1020018I met Pastor Suum at the Apostolic Summit in Rockhampton last month.

This quietly spoken, gentle man told us in his broken English about his life in Myanmar.

At one stage the local villagers were angry about his ministry. They took him out to a rice paddy and beat him severely. They abandoned him there, believing him to be dead. Friends found him and took him to hospital where it took him three months to recover. One wound to his head came perilously close to his brain.

The local authorities arrested the perpetrators, which is quite unusual in these cases.

Today he sent me some pictures of the recent “graduation” that he organised for children who attend the preschool he runs at his church. Despite some opposition and huge poverty, Suum is making a difference in his area. He works hard to educate children so that they have a chance to earn a better income and rise above the captivity of poverty. He also talks to people about Jesus so that they can be lifted out of spiritual poverty and set free for eternal life.

Suum is a reminder to me of how easy we have it in Australia in so many ways.

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