Jo Ellen Stevens: A Resurgence Of The Baptism Of Holy Spirit

Jo Ellen StevensThe Lord has been speaking to me that there is about to be a resurgence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in this season! He said that people are going to rise up and desire the power that they see in the early Church but that they no longer see in their denominational churches. And He said that they will have a desire for this because they are seeing that on their own they cannot be set free of the depth of darkness that their generation has taken them into.

I see this stirring in people again like never before! They are seeing their need of the power of God again in their lives. I am also hearing that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are once again going to become something that people desire and not look at as some backwoods thing that their parents and grandparents did that caused them embarrassment in the past, but they are going to remember the things that happened when Grandma prayed in tongues and God moved on her behalf! God is going to bring these things to their remembrance in this hour, and a new, deep desire for the deep things of God is about to begin stirring in their souls until they will have nothing less than all that God has for them!

The Lord has looked on these young souls and seen the poverty of their spirits and souls, and His heart is hurting to come near them so that He can heal them. So, He is beginning to place a desire in their hearts to come after that which they saw in their parents and grandparents that caused them to long to be clean. It caused them to know peace and to know that there was something in this world that was holy. So, He is putting the desire in their hearts again for the Holy Spirit! Be ready to bring them into this!


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