Reflection on John 14:15-21



If you love me, obey my commandments.”


Jesus tells His disciples that their love for Him will be shown by their obedience to Him.

Jesus will ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit, another Advocate, who will never leave them.

The Holy Spirit will lead them into all truth and will never leave them. The world cannot receive the Holy Spirit because it doesn’t want Him.

When Jesus is raised, they will know that He and the Father are one.


Jesus’ promise is that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, will come and continue Jesus’ work in His followers.

Following Jesus means more than a particular spirituality or religious tradition. The true followers of Jesus are those who obey His commandments.

If we say we love Jesus but continue to sin we are deceiving ourselves.

Likewise, we cannot claim to have the Holy Spirit if we live unholy lives.

To love Jesus is to obey Him.


Holy Spirit come and fill every part of my life. Show me those things that I do which are not obedient to Christ. May I love you more and obey you more. Amen.


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