Perks of the Office


Judging by most standards, being a pastor is a rotten job- long hours, little pay, lots of criticism by armchair experts.

Of course most pastors are not doing a job, but living out a God-given passion. That makes all the difference and greatly outweighs the negatives.

One of the huge privileges is the way people invite you into the deepest, most intimate parts of their lives, the hidden secret places.

Sometimes people share their struggles and shame, desperately hoping to find acceptance and forgiveness. What an honour it is to listen to the cry of their heart and to express the reality of God’s love to them.

Other times people come and share their great joys, just wanting to have someone celebrate with them. They might be in a place where the news cannot be made public yet- an award, a promotion, family news. What a joy it is to share their happiness and to be entrusted with their confidence.

There are many parts of my life that I love, and some that I find challenging. The real excitement comes in sharing those special moments with special people.

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