Reflection on Isaiah 11:1-10



In that day the heir to David’s throne

will be a banner of salvation to all the world

The nations will rally to him

and the land here he lives will be a glorious place.


A new Branch, a shoot from the stump of Jesse will come, carrying the Spirit of the Lord- a Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might knowledge and fear of the Lord.

This man will be wise like Solomon and walk in justice, looking at truth not appearances. Yet his words will shake the whole world and judge the wicked.

He will affect the while of nature as well as human society. Lions and lambs will lie together, babies will play with snakes. The whole earth will be full of people who know the Lord, and nations will rally to the heir of David.


As Christmas time draws near, we look to prophecies such as this one which speak of anticipating the Messiah. Jesus is the Branch coming out of the stump. He is the one on whom the Spirit of the Lord uniquely rests and who shakes the whole world with His words.

Part of this prophecy is not yet fulfilled. One day the whole of the natural realm will be transformed as the life of God overcomes the power of death and natural enmities will come to an end.

The truth of the earlier part of the prophecy is like a deposit that guarantees that the promises of the later part will one day come to pass.

Christmas reminds us that God is ultimately in control of human history. Much as we might feel overwhelmed by the signs of destruction and evil in the world, God is at work to put it all right.


Come Lord Jesus, come. Come and complete the work you started back then. Help me to understand my part in your plan. Amen.

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