Reflection on Romans 13:11-14



Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.


Time is running out. Jesus will soon return so we need to make sure that our lives measure up to our calling.

 Night is almost over and the light will soon come. We belong to the daylight so we must remove all deeds that relate to the darkness and start living as children of the light.

 Paul tells us to avoid drunkenness and wild parties, sexual immorality and jealousy. Instead we must clothe ourselves with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Paul’s approach here is different to the way we usually think. Usually we say I am saved so I should live a christian lifestyle– although some say that once we are saved we can do what we like, but that’s an extreme view. Paul here is saying that Jesus will soon come so we had better make sure that we are ready for His arrival.

 Just as people tend to put on good clothes and spruce their homes up when they know the Queen is coming, Paul tells us to throw off the clothing of darkness and put on the deeds of light so we are acceptable for the arrival of the King.

This is not about merely putting on a good appearance because King Jesus can see the heart. It’s about ensuring that we live the life that agrees with our faith profession, allowing holiness and righteousness to become practical realities in our lives.


Lord Jesus please bring me conviction about the deeds of my life which are from sinful darkness, and give me the grace to put them out of my life. May I be ready on the day of your coming. Amen.

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