Tortures of Medical Science

I've been on a wonderful journey over the last 48 hours.

First I got to eat nothing but jelly and strained soup yesterday. Interesting fact- "Cup-A-Soup" is now labelled as "flavoured soup mix" rather than soup.

Then I got to drink this wonderful medicine whose sole purpose it to make you poop- lots and lots. I got to drink this stuff twice over.

Then we left home at 6 am in order to get to Gunnedah. The temperature here was -1 but the car thermometer showed as low as -3 at some places along the way.

Then the most fun part of all- a man I had never met before stuck some probe up my bottom. I enjoyed that so much he repeated the process from the top end.

Luckily I slept right through that part and woke up a little later able to eat normally again. Never before have Nescafe and white bread sandwiches tasted so good!

The good news is that apart from a polyp that was removed for testing I am pretty well clear.

Actually I am very thankful that we have access to this kind of medical technology that helps to protect us from the ravages of diseases such as colon cancer.

If you're 50 or older you should see your doctor about getting the bowel cancer screening test- which is just a matter of having a sample of poo tested for hidden blood content. It could save your life.

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