Sri Lanka Day 4

It was a very busy day today, being Sunday.

Church at Bogawantalawa starts at 9.30. It is a vibrant affair with lots of singing, testifying about what Jesus has done and prayer. Today, the main part of the service was led by the youth.

The children sit at the front so everybody can keep an eye on them 🙂

There are no musical instruments except for this drum and a few tambourines. The service was conducted in Tamil, so I was unable to understand much of it. The people's love of the Lord was obvious, however.

The congregation was pretty excited today as there was a special preacher that had been imported all the way from Australia. I preached on a verse in Hebrews 2 that says something like "we must listen carefully yo what we have heard so that we do not drift away." After the sermon there was a presentation by the Gideons, which although was in Tamil, I could have given the interpretation; let's say I've heard a few in my time. As always, after the service concluded there was a long line of people seeking prayer.

Here is a photo of Josh and me with Pastor Sylvester. We are wearing the traditional garland of flowers. Fortunately these were silk and much lighter to wear than the ones in India which are made of real flowers and weigh several kilos.

The church in the neighbouring village of Norwood has recently completed a building with help from overseas mission support groups. They generally have their service at about 5 pm so that people working on the tea plantation can knock off at 4.30 and clean up. However they started a little earlier today as there is no electricity in the building yet and it was very stormy and getting dark early.

The church is on tea plantation land which was given to the christian plantation workers in order to build a place of worship. The tea companies are generally quite happy to do this for all faiths and hand over portions of land where the soil is not suitable for tea bushes. In the background of this picture is Adam's Peak, the second highest mountain in Sri Lanka.

Josh preached at this service. In his usual manner it was short but punchy. He found the experience of working with an interpreter challenging, as we all do. It is very easy to lose your train of thought when you stop every 20 seconds. But he did a good job- I think he's glad that the ordeal is over.

Tomorrow is a rest day. We are doing some sight seeing in a nearby district- it takes about 3 hours to get there, but on these roads that means it's about 20 km away. We will be leaving at about 7 am. At the moment there are quite torrential rain falls each afternoon, so picnics are best enjoyed in the morning!

I haven't included all the photos on these blog posts. You can check out the album here. I haven't really checked through the photos that carefully so I know there are some duds in there. I will edit them out after I return home.


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