Sri Lanka Day 3

We arose at 6 am again to a nice cup of tea- I could seriously get used to this!

Today was the day to travel up to Bogawantalawa, in the Central Province, the heart of the tea-growing areas.

The original plan was to go by train to the township of Hatton, but the train was booked out. Plan B was to go by coach- although the term coach is somewhat misleading for Western people. The pastor's wife was concerned that Joshua might not cope with the heat and discomfort of the journey. In the end Plan C prevailed in which we paid for the cost of travelling in Pastor Kanne's car- 7,000 rupees or about $50.

The journey of 150 km takes about 5 hours which is very slow by Australian standards.

We met Pastor Sylvester at The Teacup- a tea garden which we visited on our previous trip in 2011. After a cup of tea we hit the road again this time in Sylvester's vehicle.

Being so high, 1500 m above sea level, it is so much cooler and pleasant. Pretty much everywhere is given over to tea growing, although tourism is a growing industry. People with money flee from Colombo and other coastal places for the cooler mountain weather and engage in kayaking and white water rafting.

Not long after we arrived there was a torrential downpour and a thunderstorm. I was glad that happened after we arrived, because the roads don't seem too good in the dry, let alone when they are wet.

Tomorrow morning I preach in the church here and then there is an afternoon service in a new church building at nearby Norwood. There is no electricity there so we have to finish before dark.

Monday is scheduled for some sight-seeing and then our last day- possibly the busiest of them all- commences with a pastors' gathering and finishes with our return home.


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