Computers have great potential to increase our productivity immensely.

They also have the great knack of frustrating us immensely!

For my work I rely heavily on libreoffice, a free open-source replacement for MS Office. It is excellent software.

Recently they released version 3.5.0 with a warning that it was not yet 100% guaranteed. Today I read of a site where you could download the ppa for Ubuntu systems- if that doesn't make any sense to you don't worry. I thought it would probably be OK to install so I proceeded.

It installed fine and I was quite impressed by initial appearances. Everything seems to work, except for one critical point- you tell it to print more than one copy and it prints just one. That's a bit of a hassle but I could work around it for the immediate need.

Having finished my print job, I decided to revert to the previous version of libreoffice which has worked quite happily for months.

Small problem- the older version no longer starts. Aaaaaggghhh!

So After a fair bit of messing around, I decided to just stck with 3.5.0 which works and live with the multiple copy printing problem until a fix is released.

Apart from that glitch libreoffice is excellent software and I highly recommend it.

Now that the re-installation is complete, I'd better get back to work!

5 thoughts on “Frustrating

  1. kinda sounds like when i try to upgrade my life. but yah bro, I've felt the Aaaaaggghhh! before. i know what your saying. tell ya what, just grab hold of Rom 8:28 on this one.

  2. Paul, Libreoffice is built on Openoffice. There was a bit of a parting of ways and most of the programmers went over to Libre. After fiddling and banging my head for most of the day I have an installation that currently works- the original version. It was a distraction I could have lived without today.

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