Fantastic Cell Group Tonight

I mentioned earlier that we are seeing some really Spirit-led transformations starting to take place. Well it's continuing.

Tonight I think was one of our best cell groups for along time. We talked about the role of declaration in intercession, that is speaking the will of God into a situation rather than just timidly asking God to do something. Both asking and declaring are important aspects of intercessory prayer.

The discussion was really animated, and although it was good-humoured, it was (mostly) sensible. We concluded with a very powerful time of prayer and declaration.

God is doing something good in our midst. We need to build on this now, taking faith steps into new areas of prayer and ministry as God opens our eyes to what He wants us to do.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Cell Group Tonight

  1. Amen, how much more point and power would our prayers gain if they were more intercessory! How much more force would accrue to intercessory prayer if it were more specific! I think to witness the power of prayer is a seal to the reality of communion with God, and a blessed reward for the strong intercession of the faithful pleader.

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