What A Day!

A few months ago we couldn't see any way that we would ever be able to upgrade our very old vehicles. But since then God has been doing amazing things.

First, thanks to some really generous people in our church we were able to buy a brand new Hyundai i-Max to replace our old faithful Mitsubishi Starwagon, which is 21 years old. This was a long, drawn out process that finally led to us collecting the vehicle just 2 weeks ago.

On Christmas Eve, our slightly more modern car, the 18 year old Daihatsu Charade, stopped while Josh was driving it out of town. It seems the water pump or a hose might have failed and letting all the coolant escape and cooking the motor. The jury is still out on whether it's worth resuscitating it.

Today we went to Tamworth to get the i-Max serviced- the 1500 km free service. We thought we might check out some second hand cars to possibly replace the Charade. We test drove a 6 year old Nissan Tida which was not that good a car- the gears were all clunky and it drove like someone else had really given it a hard time. It was the cheapest car on the lot at $10,000 and we felt that for that much money we should do much much better.

We went around the corner and discovered that Woodleys are having a special on Hyundai vehicles and for $13990 we could buy an i30, a small three door hatch back plus get a $1000 Myers gift card. The car has a 5 year warranty and roadside assistance. What sealed the deal was we could take $900 off the price instead of the gift card.

We went off to McDonalds to add up our pennies and decided it is doable. Even though the sign says "Demonstrator", the car has only 21 km on the clock which is the same as the i-Max had when we picked it up.

The deal is that Josh will now take over the Ford Laser which is about ten years old and contribute to the cost of the new car. Moneybags Tim will loan us any shortfall.

So it's all good.

As of next Thursday the Bates fleet will consist of two brand new vehicles and a ten year old. That takes the average age of our cars down to 3 years from 16 years just a few months ago!

We really believe that this is all God's provision for us. Even Josh breaking down, while it was miles from town, was just near to Anna's place and a neighbour who was passing by was able to give him a lift.

Also spotted in K-Mart this morning these very friendly baskets 🙂

4 thoughts on “What A Day!

  1. Can't remember the exact words but this Bible verse comes to mind, "But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus".

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