Reflection on 2 Peter 3:8-15

The Lord isn't really being slow to keep his promises as some think. No, he is being patient
for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed but wants everyone to repent.

To God a thousand years is like a day. He is not delaying His promise to establish His kingdom. Rather He is giving everyone a chance to turn to Him and be saved.

God will destroy everything on the earth and so we should live holy and godly lives, pursuing God's values not our own desires.

It is easy to become discouraged sometimes when God's time scale is different to our own. He promises a breakthrough or healing or a ministry and yet we patiently wait years while it seems that nothing is happening.

We need to develop a confidence in God that regardless of time scale we maintain an unshakable trust in His faithfulness.

God is looking to establish eternal values in our hearts so that we learn to see our lives from His perspective.

Lord, grant me the faith to understand that your timing is always perfect, especially when you seem slow in answering my prayer. Amen.


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