So the poor cop it the worst…

The hypocrisy of the Left side of politics is astounding.

We've been subject to huge electricity price hikes the last couple of years and it's set to continue. Unfortunately the biggest effect of this falls on the lowest income earners forcing more people to seek help from charities- people who wouldn't have previously have thought of themselves as needy.

What's the cause of this wholly avoidable madness?

POWER bills are set to rise by 25 per cent this year – twice as fast as forecast.
The likely doubling is because households will pick up the tab for government green programs – meaning average electricity users face finding an extra $320 to $440. It comes on top of a warning from pricing regulator IPART, which had told consumers to expect July 1 jumps of only 10-13 per cent – to pay for network upgrades, which critics argue are not needed.

What officials have not admitted is that on top of this, electricity retailers are going to impose an increase of about 4 per cent to recover the cost of meeting obligations under the Federal Government’s renewable energy targets…

Now families face a further price rise of up to 10 per cent to cover the cost of the State Government’s mismanagement of its solar incentive program… And this is without an emissions trading scheme, which could add another 20-25 per cent to bills.

Yep- the Green insanity masquerading as saving the planet.


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