Furious Double Standards

We live in a society which is totally confused about sin, goodness, art, pornography, sex and– you name it.

I guess it is inevitable in a nation which has forgotten its christian roots and has moved on to a rule of everyone is free to do pretty much what they want.

In Sydney news has come out that the photo below was ruled inappropriate to use in a fund-raising auction by a major hospital.

We allow little girls to dress up as sexually provocative teenagers, we view scenes of near-depravity on television every night and tolerate every form of sexual behaviour as normal.

But to take a photo of a boy dressed modestly with the permission of his mother (who in this case is the artist) is seen as somehow "inappropriate."

We have a very strange and highly variable set of moral "standards" which to me make no sense.


3 thoughts on “Furious Double Standards

  1. I'm not sure what the point of the photo is as far as hospital fundraising, but I really don't see anything inappropriate about it.

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