You Don’t Vote For A Monarch

As the people of North Korea are aware, you don't vote for a King. Like them or loathe them, if you live in a monarchy you take what you get. Like elected leaders, some of them are very good, and some are less than good.

So let's stop speculating about whether we will have a King Charles. Unless Camilla puts hemlock in the herbal tea, William will have to wait until Charles has had a turn.

Prince William has dismissed the idea that he could become the next king in place of the Prince of Wales.

In an attempt to end the debate over the issue of succession, William has signalled that there is ‘’no question’’ about whether his father will be the next monarch, despite his surge in popularity following his engagement to Kate Middleton…

‘’Prince William is aware of the speculation, but he is very thick-skinned,’’ a royal aide said. ‘’He knows his place in the royal family and he considers himself to be very low down the food chain. He has no desire to climb the ladder of kingship before his time.’’


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