Reflection on Luke 14:7-14

“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

The behaviour at some guests at a banquet gave Jesus an opportunity to teach about Kingdom values.

“Don't jockey for the best position,” he said. “Hang back and be humble or realistic. That way, if you are worthy of the best position the host will promote you.”

Likewise, when we have parties, banquets or special occasions, our first thougts should be about those who normally miss out and not on inviting the “A List.”

The people who jostle for the attention of the “guru” at Christian conferences do not understand the kingdom of God. We do not get blessed by rubbing shoulders with the christian celebrities. Sometimes pastors, teachers and prophets can help us with a word from the Lord, but the real key is in learning to hear from the Holy Spirit ourselves.

It's not the opinions of people we need to be about but God's opinion.

Don't jostle, jockey, push or otherwise rush for the best place, the position of influence or honour. Instead hang back and seek God's favour. This is far more important than the good will of any human.

Father forgive my pride and insecurity, my desire to seem important or to have a place of attention. Help me to see that attention from you is far more precious. Amen.

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