Reflection on 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Three things last for ever- faith, hope and love- and the greatest of these is love.

For all of our knowledge of scripture, all of our exploits of faith, all of our ideas about prayer and spiritual gifts- in the end Christianity is about love- love of God and love of neighbour.

Paul is very clear in this passage that without love, God's love, then all spiritual power and theological knowledge is useless, While these things are important, we need to excel in love.

Over the years that I have been following Jesus I have grown in the gifts of the Spirit and in the fruit of the Spirit. It's vital to keep both in proportion.

I still find this chapter convicting. I am yet to be perfect in love and I expect to always be growing in this. I'm not always patient or kind. Sometimes I'm boastful, proud and rude.

I'm not perfect, but in following my Lord I have come a long way.

I need to keep my eyes on Jesus. As long as I am seeking to follow Him, I will become more like Him.

As I look back on my life, Lord, I marvel at the changes you have wrought in me. Continue to grow me in the ways of love that I can excel in this grace. Amen.


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