Speaking in Tongues

Ben Hughes has just shared this on his facebook page and I thought I would pass it on- it's a brilliant story about the power of speaking in tongues.

So, this is a little crazy. A pastor from Bethel Church in Redding, CA took a team to Israel a couple weeks ago to minister the gospel in Jerusalem and around. One night while they were there, a teenage team member was praying in tongues, and the groups guide/interpreter came up to him. She asked, "Where did you learn to speak Hebrew?" He replied, "I don't know Hebrew!" Turns out, this young man was praying in perfect Hebrew by the power of the Holy Spirit. For the rest of the trip, there was this unique anointing for him to simply enter into Hebrew prayer at will, though he had not idea what he was saying!

Then one night, someone had the brilliant idea to have the interpreter try and write down what he was praying. Here are some pieces of what was said. Now, keep in mind: this is the Holy Spirit praying sovereignly through this guy by the gift of tongues, in the language of Hebrew.

God, I long for You. You abide.
He will judge, and give us prophecies.
You will judge and sit here in the sky with Your angels of fire.

You are our God for the weak. Hear me, God.
I am in peace.
God, King, You are in my tongue!

You wrote everything.
You are life.
The King will rise up, the fire will rise up, the fire will come.
We hope You will sit with us.
You will judge.
You will show us the hidden things.

We will be together in life.
Lots, and lots and lots of glory!
You are life!
God will give!
You are with Your angels!
Give us fire on the poor!
God, Your angels will hear.
Your angels will sit with You, and You will listen to them.

Come for the people.
Blow on us.
You will come for the Rabbis! Give them wisdom.

You will return. Judge all life. Bring fire.
You will bring rest and destroy all sicknesses.
You are One. There will be no sicknesses.
Bring them life! Yeshua will come!
He is the God of the living. For the living, there will be no sicknesses!
Captives God will advise.

Kiss us!
King of the living, You are above all sicknesses! And for animals too.
Father, You are alive in the name of the living. Be with me!
Not above God, but on the people.
King of the living, You are alive! No sicknesses!
Give us more fruitfulness, understanding, and wisdom.
King of the living: no sicknesses!
He will bring us the true nature.

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