Random News About Me

I've been a bit light on in the blogging department lately. The busy-ness of life is to blame.

Last Monday we zipped down to Newcastle and thence to Sydney to take Josh to the "Presence" conference, hosted by Christian City Church. Josh stayed with Phil, leaving us in Newcastle to collect EBay items etc. We caught the train down to Sydney on Friday, returning home late last night (Saturday) with some of the purchases, but the most important item was the Wedding Dress. Susannah was excited to see the WD and she looks lovely in it. We just have to find somewhere to keep it for the next 5 months.

We have 28 people coming to stay in the church tomorrow night meaning we have to empty out all the baby gear etc to make room to be able to transform the church into a dormitory. This is a team from Peace Apostolic Church in Rockhampton who are on their way to conduct a conference in Canberra. They will leave early on Tuesday when we reverse the previous step.

On Friday we will go to Newcastle and thence to Sydney for Susannah's graduation on Saturday morning. After that we will return on Sunday with a car load and trailer full of various accumulated stuff, including chairs which we bought on this last trip (destined for the High School Community Centre).

While we are in Sydney, a smallish group of people will stay on their return trip home. Then after we get back, I think on the Monday night, the bulk of the remainder will come through.

I think we should get to "normal" about Mother's Day! 🙂

I took a lot of photos last week, some of which I will get around to posting here eventually. While away, I joined up with a group on flickr called "I Spy" and they basically set a theme each week that members are invited to contribute up to three photos for. I managed to get some photos up on that for this week.

I'm hoping to be able to post my "Reflections" here and on the church's facebook group but I'm not sure I'll come up with much more than that in the next couple of weeks apart from hurried clippings from things I come across. We will see!


5 thoughts on “Random News About Me

  1. We are no longer known as Christian City Church, or even CCC. As of Tuesday last week, it is now "C3 Church." Yes, yes, I know, don't say it.

  2. Which one don't you want me to say, Phil? The tautology or the why not make it C4?Thanks Lois, on Susannah's behalf!

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