Reflection on Mark 1:9-15

The time has come! God's kingdom is already here. Turn back to God and believe the Good News!

The appointed time comes and then it's on. Jesus is baptised, tempted and starts preaching. As Mark tells the story it's “Bang! Bang! Bang!” and the story begins.

This all happens after Jesus has been doing nothing apparently for 30 years, and after God has been silent in Israel for 400 years. Then suddenly, it's all happening!

When God's appointed time arrives, everything happens without being forced or manipulated. What once seemed distant and unattainable suddenly becomes a reality.

Not that this is without labour or effort. It's like harvest-time. The crop is ready and can be brought in, but people still have to do the work. The kingdom was here but Jesus still had to die on the cross to bring it in.

It's hard waiting for the “right time”, but it's even harder to run ahead of God.

A farmer who tries to bring in the crop too early has to work harder for a harvest that is ultimately worthless.

With God, we have to wait for His timing. No matter how hard it seems to have to wait, not waiting is harder. The dream or vision might be burning in us, but until God says “Go”, we must wait.

Oh God, grant me the patience to wait for the time you have established for my dreams and visions to come to pass. Give me wisdom Lord to see when you are saying “Move forward” and when you are saying “Wait.”


6 thoughts on “Reflection on Mark 1:9-15

  1. Yes! I mentioned to my son one time I was praying for patience. He looked very alarmed and said, "DON'T DO THAT!" He told me that God was very quick to answer that prayer and I may not like the results!! He didn't apparently when he prayed for that!! 😆

  2. That's true.He wants to grow in us all of the fruit of the Spirit- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control.He does that by putting us into places where our lack is shown and thus driving us to prayer. So it's the people and situations which frustrate our natural inclinations that will make us more Christ-like– even if we find ourselves fighting the process.

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