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  It says something about the emptiness of the New Age faiths that so many of its priests need to hijack real churches:

The Socialist Alliance posters outside St Mary’s Catholic Church in Brisbane said it all. “Dump Intolerance, not Father Kennedy.” “Who would Jesus sack?” The father in question is Peter Kennedy, the 70-year-old Catholic priest who is being forced out of the church he has turned into a green-leftist New Age drop-in centre…

Footage of Mass – or whatever it is – at St Mary’s on ABC-TV this week showed a pony-tailed man – not a priest – in a bright shirt waving around a giant Communion host in a haphazard way, while people sat on the floor at his feet. It looked more like a yoga session, with meditation and lay people taking to the pulpit to give “sermons” which have nothing to do with the Bible.

 A weekend newspaper report recounted the “sermon” at one St Mary’s service which consisted of a reading from a letter from a supporter of Kennedy’s: ”I don’t come to St Mary’s because it is a Catholic place of worship. I come because it has everything I seek in my own life – love, truth, authenticity, integrity, justice, unity, compassion, openness and friendship.” Quite a smorgasbord. The only problem is that St Mary’s is a Catholic place of worship – and has been since 1864.


Frank Furedi says Baal is back in church:

Britain’s Energy Minister Ed Miliband has joined forces with two Church of England bishops to call for a “carbon fast” this Lent. Speaking as a true penitent, Miliband acknowledges that the carbon sin he’ll miss most is “driving short distances into town”. But he hopes his sacrifice will “easily become part of everyday life and help tackle dangerous climate change"… His ecclesiastical mates also possess an unusual idea of what constitutes a sacrifice. James Jones, the Bishop of Liverpool and a fervent advocate of waging a struggle against carbon sin, has indicated he plans to install a solar hot water system in his house…

The carbon fast represents a semi-conscious attempt to transform environmentalism into a caricature of a religion… There was a time when a sin really meant something. They used to be called deadly sins because they led to spiritual death and thus to damnation. These days some theologians, including the advocates of a carbon fast, wouldn’t recognise a mortal sin if they bumped into one… They are frequently joined by modernisers in the Catholic Church, who believe it is easier to make people feel guilty about their impact on the environment than about committing one of the seven deadly sins…

In the name of protecting the environment a moral crusade has been launched to consume less, have less babies, even to stay married. Steve Fielding, at a Senate environment hearing, praised marriage as superior to the resource-inefficient lifestyle represented by a divorce. Once upon a time warring parents were advised to stay together for the sake of the children; today for the environment.

Start your own | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

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