2 thoughts on “Today’s Sermon

  1. It was a good effort by josh, got me thinking about how people still do there own little 'sacrifices' these days. with things like "oh ive done wrong, i promise ill do beter next week. "ill give you more time lord" ect, giving up bits of there life as little sacrifices rather then giving the whole thing. another thing it reminded me of was a vision or day dream or watever you wish to call it, while praying with sus one evening, about gods grace related to sin. it was a rather nice looking apple sitting on a bench, resembling a persons life, and as they sined the apple rotted, geting blackend and shriveling to a rotted core, and as people walked past it, they would wonder how long to leave it sitting there before its too far gone and throw it away. but then the person asked for forgiveness and repented and the apple was new again, looking shiny red as it once did. but the people walking past didnt see it for its new look, they remembered the old rotten apple and wouldnt accept it for what it now was. and the apple began to rot again, and the process repeated.i was rather excited about it, will try and keep it in mind and heart as its a good teaching 😀

  2. That's interesting James. I think it's true that people can often stop us from really growing into God's grace by condemning us with past judgements.

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