4 thoughts on “Today’s Photos

  1. Thanks Lois.Last night's activity was a barbecue followed by outdoor theatre. They borrowed the church's projector and put a white sheet over the upturned trampoline, then gathered a bunch of cane chairs to watch DVDs. It was quite cold by 11 pm when they finished, but they enjoyed it all.

  2. They used to do that in the park on Lake Huron on summery Saturday nights, but it was an old projector instead of DVD's. The show was not private as yours was, but sponsored by the village and we were asked to pay, (if possible) a very small amount. We took blankets to sit on and fruit salad to munch on. Great memories!!

  3. That sort of community event is great. We used to have a drive-in here and people would take chairs and hang out together, rather than stay in the isolation of their own vehicle.

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