Today’s Photos

Some days it just feels good to be alive. I took time out at lunchtime to take Alex down to the creek for a bit of adventure. Later, on my walk down the Coonabarabran Road I saw some great sights, including a spectacular mountain view right in front of the highway. People think of Narrabri as being a flat place, but our mountain views must be amongst the best in the world.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Photos

  1. You just can't take a bad shot with a sweet little guy like that!Spectacular mountain view! I so wish I lived near mountains. I fell in love with the mountains in Tennessee when I was 7 years old. I really hope I get to live up there someday!

  2. Thanks Elande And Lois.It's funny but in 17 years of living in this town I've never seen the mountains as clearly as this from the highway. It really is great up there in summer, about 5 degrees C cooler than on the plain. Occasionally in winter we get snow up there too.

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