Today’s Photos

Here are some photos which I took during my (very hot) walk this afternoon.

The thought-provoking sign was outside the AOG church. The calves were in Railway St and the flowers are some kind of lily which seems to grow in clumps around the place. I don't know if they are native to Australia or some kind of introduced plant.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Photos

  1. Wonderful pictures! So true about the faith. The cow looks like he has some kind of ornament stuck on his backside, although I realize it's another cow. Like a hood ornament, but the wrong way! 😆 Very pretty flower, do you know what kind it is?

  2. I have no idea what the flowers are, Lois. They just crop up in all sorts of vacant ground around town. They look like they might be some kind of lily, but I'm no botanist!

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