“God is calling for His children to adopt His ‘policy of Grace.'”

"God is calling for His children to adopt His 'policy of Grace.'"

Scott Hicks

God recently spoke to me and said, "Without My grace, My entire creation would perish–for there is not one thing that is not covered by My grace." Being human, I quickly responded, "What about satan?" He then said, "Did I not have mercy upon the legion of demons? I am calling My people to be a people of grace!" The grace Jesus showed sending the legion of demons into the herd of pigs is hard to comprehend! (Mark 5). There is an appointed time for darkness to be destroyed, but for now, everything lives under His grace! There is not one thing in creation that is not covered by His uncontrollable grace!

The New Testament translates "grace" in Greek as charis, which literally means "gift." All grace belongs to God and it's His prerogative to give "Freely" as He wills! …

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