Back To Opera Browser

After several months of playing with the Flock Browser, I've come back to Opera (using 9.2 Beta in linux).

What I like about Flock:

  • It has a built in blog editor, which is quite nice, although lacking a couple of features that I would find useful.
  • You can just highlight text, click "blog this" and it publishes it to your blog
  • Newsfeeds are handled quite well, with a nice graphical display.
  • An icon on the tool bar gets a big orange spot when newsfeeds have been downloaded.
  • The "web snippets" bar which allows you to drag and drop interesting bits from the web for later including in your blog
  • Highlighting text and graphics, includes graphics and not just text when you copy and paste

What I don't like about flock

  • It takes "forever" to render the newsfeed pages… the format is nice, but it takes too long to get to the place where you can read your stuff
  • The categories in the blog tool don't translate to tags in Opera blogs
  • The search bar operates differently from Opera's– it's good, but Opera is more flexible.
  • Often formatting, including paragraphs, is lost when copying to the blog tool

So I'm back to Opera. Overall I think it leads by a tad.

For Opera to become really excellent I would like the following small features:

  • Some visual indicator that you have unread newsfeeds
  • The ability to cut and paste graphics along with text.
  • I thnk the web snippets bar is a good thing also- there's probably a widget that does the same thing


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