Mammon on the Throne in the Church Treasury

This article is taken from an upcoming interview with Wolfgang Simson.

I used to start seminars with two statements. Number one–everything you’ve heard about church in church is wrong. Number two–everything you’ve heard about money and work in church is wrong, too. Therefore, let us go back to the entire beginning and look again at how God intended it to be.

The systems are overwhelming. Martin Luther declared 500 years ago that we are looking at the Babylonian Captivity of church. The Babylonian Captivity was a penal system of God for the Israelites who had not listened again and again to his prophetic advice. Babylon is a system of power that functions based on principles of Mammon. The Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world are rightfully different.

In the kingdom of this world, the main goal in this life is maximization of gain, to make money and to make lots of it. The way to achieve this is competition. I compete for a share of the market by showing that I’m different, I’m more powerful, I’m quicker, my product is better, my logo is different, and so on. In the Kingdom of God, this is not so. Here the main goal is not maximization of gain. It is actually love. The way we get this done is service.

If we try to build things in the world with Kingdom principles, we find ourselves trying to love everybody and serve everybody. This will work fine just for a while and then we will sink with the sharks. If we try to work out things in the Kingdom of God based on the Babylonian system, then we will maximize membership, numbers, radio time, web hits and personalities. How do we do this? By competing with others, by showing our colors are different, our doctrines are different and that the Holy Spirit in our place is hotter than in other places. This is a typical setup.

Read more here: – Mammon on the Throne in the Church Treasury


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