A New Beginning

I shared earlier that God seems to be doing something new in me. This was confirmed this afternoon when I went for my daily walk.

For the first time in over a year I felt like running! o/

I used to jog regularly but February of last year, I woke up one morning with a very sore knee which it took about 6 weeks for me to wake up to myself that I needed to pray for healing over. The doctor told me it was arthritis,It was pretty well immediately healed, but I just didn't feel like running or putting any more stress on it than necessary.

Most days, I haven't felt like doing any more than walking at a sedate pace, but the last few days I've been walking at a fairly brisk pace. Today I wanted to run! So I did- although I paced myself and I walked more than I ran, but run I did 😀

There is a link between our physical life and the spiritual life.

I really believe that God is energising my spirit and this is being manifest in my body.

We are in for interesting times, I believe, with a full restoration of all the spiritual gifts and great manifestations of the presence of God in our church.

Hold onto your hats!


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