Times of Refreshing in the Lord

Just lately I've been experiencing some wonderful times with the Lord. After several years in a a quite dry place, I sense the Lord is refreshing me, building me up and equipping me for some new seasons in my ministry.

It started with me being hungry for more of the Lord, as these times often do. Then I started listening to some of Todd Bentley's messages on podcast. Todd has a powerful testimony of how an ordinary christian can and should be living in the presence of the glory of God. I started praying as I was listening to these messages "Lord, fill me up again."

I've been noticing how I am more inclined to pray more fervently for God's will.

What really knocked me out was that on the Open Heaven forums they have a forum for dream interpretation, and I just looked at two last weekend that people were puzzling over, and immediately I knew what they meant. After posting these interpretations, people have responded that they were spot on. Normally I'm not into dreams that much but it was a confirmation that God is really working in my life.

What can I learn from this?

  1. To move forward with God, we first have to be hungry for His presence in our lives.
  2. God is moving the church into new modes of operations, new giftings, new ministries.
  3. God is wanting these supernatural gifts such as words of knowledge to become more common in the church, even "natural"
  4. Never underestimate the power of impartation. If you want to get closer to God, then one way of doing it is by absorbing the messages, the spirit of people who are already moving in that deeper way.

Be blessed



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