Nine Facts About Climate Change

A new book about climate change was launched by the Lavoisier Group today.

Here are the Nine Facts[/COLOR] …

1. Climate change is a constant. The Vostok Ice Cores show five brief interglacial
periods from 415,000 years ago to the present. The Greenland Ice Cores reveal
a Minoan Warm Period 1450–1300 BC, a Roman Warm Period 250–0 BC, the
Mediaeval Warm Period 800–1100AD, the Little Ice Age and the late 20th Century
Warm Period 1900–2010 AD.

2. Carbon dioxide is necessary for all life on earth and increasing atmospheric
concentrations are beneficial to plant growth, particularly in arid conditions.
Because the radiation properties of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are already
saturated, increasing atmospheric concentrations beyond current levels
will have no discernible effect on global temperatures.

3. The twentieth century was almost as warm as the centuries of the Mediaeval
Warm Period, an era of great achievement in European civilisation. The recent
warm period, 1976–2000, appears to have come to an end and astro-physicists
who study sunspot behaviour predict that the next 25–50 years could be a cool
period similar to the Dalton Minimum of the 1790s-1820s.

4. The evidence linking anthropogenic (man-made) carbon dioxide emissions and
current warming is limited to a correlation which holds only for the period 1976
to 2000. Attempts to construct an holistic theory in which atmospheric carbon
dioxide controls the radiation balance of the earth, and thus determines average
global temperatures, have failed.

5. The anthropogenists claim that the overwhelming majority of scientists are
agreed on the anthropogenic carbon dioxide theory of climate control; that the
science is settled and the debate is over; and that scientific sceptics are in the pay
of the fossil fuel industries and their arguments are thus fatally compromised.
These claims are an expression of hope, not of reality.

6. Anthropogenists such as former US Vice President Al Gore blame anthropogenic
emissions of CO2 for high temperatures, droughts, melting polar ice caps, rising
sea levels and retreating glaciers, and a decline in the polar bear population.
They also blame anthropogenic CO2 for blizzards, unseasonable snow, freezing
weather generally and for hurricanes, cyclones and other extreme weather
events. There is no evidence at all to justify these assertions.

7. Increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide will have negligible
impact on the earth’s radiation balance and will promote plant growth everywhere.
There is no need to sequester CO2 in the ground or to subsidise nuclear
or other non-carbon based methods of energy production.

8. ‘Tropical’ diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are not related to temperature
but to poverty, lack of sanitation and the absence of mosquito control

9. The decarbonisation of the world’s economy would, if attempted, cause huge
economic dislocation. Any democratic government which seriously sought to
fulfil decarbonisation commitments would lose office. Shutting down coal-fired
power stations and replacing them with renewable energy sources such as
windmills or solar panels will cause unemployment and economic deprivation.

These facts are backed up with impressive documentation which can be downloaded here

It is a very persuasive article which exposes the lies, deceptions and the manipulations of the environmental movement.

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