Another American Expert on Australian Sheep.

You would think they would have learned from "Pink"'s experience.

Pretenders singer launches anti-mulesing campaign. 31/01/2007. ABC News Online

For those who don't know, "mulesing" is the practice of cutting off the excess skin from the back end of a sheep to prevent blowflies from laying eggs in them. So what do people prefer, a couple of minutes of pain for the sheep or the slow lingering death of being eaten by maggots?

When you explain the alternatives to them, and show them what blowflies can do in a living creature, most people choose the mulesing as being more humane.

Some of these very rich "bleeding heart" know-alls need to understand that your average farmer does not set out to make his/her animals suffer! They also need to understand that this sin- and death-infected world we live in is not always a nice place.

I actually think that an animal's experience of pain is very different to ours. I've seen calves being branded and within minutes of the experience they are up and happily grazing again, whereas most people would be feeling very sorry for themselves.

I don't advocate needless cruelty to animals, but sometimes I think we need to get things into persepctive.

As for PETA, they should put some of their energy and resources into making the world a better place for people- especially in the Third World where there is far gretaer suffering than on Australian sheep farms.



2 thoughts on “Another American Expert on Australian Sheep.

  1. Among PETA's campaigns, there's one telling everyone they should be vegetarians. Mulesing is the thin end of a wedge, and one that's easy to dramatise and gain support for..

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