Sermon for Sunday January 28th 2007

This morning we did not record the sermon as it was more like an interactive cell group. This was due to the reduced numbers of people present as three of our regular families were away. We had some good discussion on the topic. In fact tthe whole morning had a good feeling to it.

The notes that I prepared for the service are below.

Grant did an excellent family input session using the good old vinegar and sodium bicarbonate mixture. He put some white vinegar in the bottle (the bottle had paper "arms" and "legs" to represent a peson. Then he talked aobut the bad attitudes that we can have which is something like what Jesus called the "yeast of the Pharisees" (see Mark 8). He added the bicarb put a cork "head" on the bottle and after a few seconds "pop" went the cork.

This inspired the boys to set off a few plastic bottles after church, using Tim's air compressor. A good time was had by all.

Here are the notes for the sermon/ discussion.

Sermon 28th January 2007

Yeast of the Pharisees

1. Read Mark 8:11-21. Context is Feeding of 4000 and dispute with Pharisees.

2. What do we know about the Pharisees?
demanded signs (v.11)

3. What do we know about yeast?
little bit makes whole lot rise
also compared to kingdom of God. Matthew 13:33

4. What did the Pharisees do that Jesus was warning the disciples against?

5. Why is this like yeast?

6. What are some things that Christians might do that are this sinful- i.e. That a small amount corrupts everything?
religious spirit- cf. with liberty of Spirit- traditions, rituals
judgmentalism- thinking some people are worthy of heaven and some are not
locking people out of kingdom (and church)… “we don't want your type here.”
laws, rules etc to overrule grace

7. Why are these things so bad? Because they come from the heart!

8. Religious spirit– talk about how this corrupts true worship.
Religion is about us twisting God's arm to gain blessing
Grace is about God already loving us
No performance targets to meet!!!!
Not libertinism either!! Because we love God we want to please Him.


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