Developing Community and Hospitality

An interesting night last night at New Life.

Daniel from Rockhampton came through and stayed overnight on his way to Adelaide. He arrived about 7 pm and we fed him and chatted to after 1 am. He's got a long drive today- must be close on 1000 km to Tooleybuc, his next overnight stop.

Simultaneously with all of that, Lisa who is here on holidays from Scotland had organised a board game night in the church with our offspring plus others. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

I just think it's great when a church building (even a pink shed like ours) becomes a centre for community.

At the heart of all this is giving of ourselves and our possessions for each other. The church building is not "sacred" in the sense that nobody can ever use it. It is actually a place for the community of faith to call "home" and to use for fun, fellowship and sharing with the lost sheep.

I love it!

To make it work, we all need to develop the gift of hospitality. Invite the neighbours around for lunch, your co-workers for a barbecue… and see how friendships develop.

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