Car Problems

Last night we received one of those calls every parent dreads- it was 11 pm so you know it's bad news.

Our second son, Philip, is living in Sydney and going to Bible College. He was quite upset because he had blown a tyre, lost control of the car and run up the kerb. After getting help to change the tyre, the steering was wobbly.

His biggest fear was that we would be angry with him for losing control of the car. He thought everybody has a blow out every year or so and he should have done better. we were just thankful that he had run up the kerb and not run into an oncoming vehicle.

We told him to drive home carefully and get it loooked at in the morning.

Well today, he got five new tyres and had to have a part of the suspension replaced. The part was only $100 (second hand- it would have been more than the car is worth if he had got a new one!). So all up he got the repairs plus all new tyres for $500.

The bad news was that the parents got to pay. 😥

God was really looking after Philip. He could have been badly hurt in this mishap, or the car could have been badly damaged. God led him to a good trye seller who didn't try to rip him off in any way.

We are rejoicing… at least until the credit card bill comes in :yes:



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